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The CAVE project offers you the opportunity to discover what kind of digital teacher you are through a questionnaire carefully constructed for you. The proposed questions have been elaborated starting from the levels and types identified by the European framework DigCompEdu.
At the end of the QUIZ, you will be able to visualize your digital teacher profile through an accurate description of your digital competence level.
*The compilation takes about 30 minutes and it will be possible, after registration, to resume the compilation thanks to the automatic saving of answers.

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The CAVE project

The CAVE project (2020-1-IT02-KA226-SCH-095188) is funded, by the European Commission through the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme,  aiming to work on two dimensions of the European Education Area, that of quality and that of inclusion to counter forms of socio-cultural, linguistic, and psychocognitive inequality, and reducing the main misalignments in the field of education, emphasized in the period of COVID19.

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Intellectual Output


Online Training Course

An online course which intends to design and develop audio-visual and animated ...


Social Media Platform Tool

A Social Media Platform addressed both to primary school teachers ...


Digital Self-Assessment Tool

A set of Tools and Methodologies for evaluation capable of assessing ...

Target Groups

  • Head masters: they will have the possibility to exploit the potential of digital technologies for online learning and teaching
  • Teachers: they will develop transversal digital skills to use and create visual learning objects with their students
  • Primary School Students: they will benefit from a new online and involving learning methodology


Hanu Alexandra (Romania)

"The project has meant a lot to me, with very interesting activities that have also aroused the interest of teachers/adults, not just pupils. I didn't expect to learn so much and develop so much. The Cave Project offers teachers a very wide range of activities that they can bring to the classroom in a creative, colorful, and impactful way for the pupils."

Agnieszka Dawidowicz (Poland)

"The real value of the course I took is that now I am able to create various resources in the form of infographics and animated cards for younger and older students. Students love them and their learning process is easier."

Fernanda Mattogno (Italy)

"While experimenting with the project, I discovered some tools (canva, anymaker, and openshot) that revolutionized the way I think about and do teaching."

Latest News


Fifth Partners' Meeting

The fifth partners' meeting of the Cave project took place online.
All partners participated in the meeting and the main discussed topics were:
- Presentation of the results of the teachers participation in the online course
- Presentation of activities on the Social Media Platform
- Presentation of the use of the assessment tools


Conference in Poland

The “Projekty Europejskie Realizowane w Świdnickich Szkołach” was held in Świdnik, Poland on 29 May 2023. The conference was attended by 44 teachers and 46 students of primary and secondary schools located in Świdnik. Among the audience, there were also representatives of the Świdnik Municipality and the local newspaper. The educators were teachers of Mathematics, Polish, History, Civics, Geography, English, Science, Music and technical subjects. Each school was also represented by its headmaster and vice heads.


Conference in Italy

For the dissemination event planned at the conclusion of the CAVE Project experimentation, more than fifty elementary school teachers from all over Italy were involved in the conference held in Rome on 22 May 2023. The participants were mainly from Rome and surrounding localities.

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