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The CAVE project offers you the opportunity to discover what kind of digital teacher you are through a questionnaire carefully constructed for you. The proposed questions have been elaborated starting from the levels and types identified by the European framework DigCompEdu.
At the end of the QUIZ, you will be able to visualize your digital teacher profile through an accurate description of your digital competence level.
*The compilation takes about 30 minutes and it will be possible, after registration, to resume the compilation thanks to the automatic saving of answers.

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The CAVE project

The CAVE project (2020-1-IT02-KA226-SCH-095188) is funded, by the European Commission through the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme,  aiming to work on two dimensions of the European Education Area, that of quality and that of inclusion to counter forms of socio-cultural, linguistic, and psychocognitive inequality, and reducing the main misalignments in the field of education, emphasized in the period of COVID19.

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Intellectual Output


Online Training Course

An online course which intends to design and develop audio-visual and animated ...


Social Media Platform Tool

A Social Media Platform addressed both to primary school teachers ...


Digital Self-Assessment Tool

A set of Tools and Methodologies for evaluation capable of assessing ...

Target Groups

  • Head masters: they will have the possibility to exploit the potential of digital technologies for online learning and teaching
  • Teachers: they will develop transversal digital skills to use and create visual learning objects with their students
  • Primary School Students: they will benefit from a new online and involving learning methodology

Latest News


Second Partners' Transnational Meeting

The Second Transnational meeting of the CAVE project took place in Rome (IT) on 18 - 19 November 2021. Paola Serafin (CISL), Ida Cortoni (La Sapienza) and Lorenzo Martellini (Pixel) presented to the partners the current situation for the first Intellectual Output, the Online Training Course. Moreover, the structure for the second Intellectual Output, the Social Media Platform, have been presented and discussed.


CAVE project: partners' meeting on Animaker and Open Shot

The meeting on Animaker and Open Shot softaware took place online on 23 September 2021. All the partners virtually meet and, with the help of Vincenzo Maselli and Pierpaolo De Luca, the process to edit audio and video of the Videoclips has been technically explained. At the end of the meeting, all the partners had a clear view of the future project's implementation and the next activities.


CAVE Project Facebook Page

The CAVE Project is now on Facebook!

The Facebook page of the CAVE project has been created in order to reach a wider audience and promote the results of the project.

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